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Learning Thursdays - Shared screen with speaker view
Martin Wall
Martin Wall Somerset Citizens
Fr. Luke Larner, Bedford
Luke - Anglican Priest at St Paul’s Church in Bedford (St Albans Diocese). Hoping to get some inspiration for both practice and academic work!
Sue Wood
Hi. Sue Wood, Colchester alliance, Citizens Essex
Fran Hicks
Hi all, I’m Fran from Taunton Somerset. I hope to make some good connections.
Simon Woodman (Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church)
Simon Woodman - Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church in London.
Bridget de Mello
Bridget de Mello from St Luke's Ilford, in Redbridge
Janice Price
Janice Price from Surbiton
Melanie Otto
Hello! Melanie Priest in Charge in St Agnes, Bristol!!
Pauline Harrison
Hi I'm Pauline from Southend, part of Essex Citizens
Roz Burch
Hi I'm Roz from Leicester
Graham Brownlee
Graham Brownlee, Community Organiser with Leeds Citizens and a Baptist Minister
Sara Batts-Neale
Sara Batts-Neale, Colchester Citizens - Essex - chaplain to the University of Essex & associate priest at three churches that border the campus
Fr Dan Barnes-Davies
Dan, a Vicar of Barry, not long moved from East London.
Elis Matthews (St Mary's Spring Grove, West London Citizens)
Hi,Elis Matthews, St Mary's Spring Grove, on London's Piccadilly line and A4.
Nhlanganiso Nyathi - ARU, Peterborough
Nhlanganiso Nyathi, Anglia Ruskin University and we are a member of the Peterborough Citizens UK> I have a number of students who are interested in Community Organisation & Citizens UK work
Phil Warburton
Phil Warburton - E1 Community Church (Tower Hamlets Citizens TELCO) BAPTIST !!!
Marcus Ottaviani
Marcus Ottaviani (curate) from Bedford, St Mary's Goldington. interested in Community Organisation
Jonathan Cox
1-2-1 Question: What if every person in a church who found a local injustice as a result of their work in the community actually had a way of making change?
Sylvie Pope (CUK)
What if every person in a church who as a result of their community engagement found some local injustice *actually* had a way of making change?
Catherine Butt, MK
We spoke about empowerment - increased confidence as change is achieved
Fran Somerset (Quakers)
If people can find a way acting on a concern, with others it creates a more vital and energised church
Elis Matthews (St Mary's Spring Grove, West London Citizens)
We're early on in our organising journey, but using the language of calling people 'leaders' has been helpful in raising people's expectations about what they can do to bring about change.
Graham Brownlee
much listening and care and concern develops in the church, organising collectively enables us to focus on seeing societal change alongside and more than pastoral care
Bridget de Mello
so important to be realistic about what can achieved without aiming too low..
David Stephenson - Bristol
Recognising that change is possible that goes beyond compassion.
Phil Warburton
Great to meet Rev Lizzie from Bristol - definitely room for a Bristol Chapter !
David Stephenson - Bristol
We’re on it @Phil!
Gemma Gates (Leeds Citizens)
Had a really great chat with Simon Mason from Tyne and Wear about how sometimes big issues such as climate change can feel really overwhelming to individuals - but when we come together and use organising to build power and relationships we find that we have the power to change much more than we thought!!
Elis Matthews (St Mary's Spring Grove, West London Citizens)
never miss an opportunity to recruit leaders
Sylvie Pope (CUK)
How might Community Organising stimulate the growth of your church?
Revd Lizzie Kesteven Bristol
We spoke about relationships and knowing people and also being good at being reactive especially in a very real way - feeding people - but there being another and possibly harder part of knowing how or being nervous about that more political dynamic change, great to meet Phil W and speak about how that works in churches - Move from reactionary service to strategic action....
Catherine Butt, MK
Really helpful chat about how the Holy Spirit works in people’s lives - first a concern for justice and the poor and then they are ready to hear about Jesus and the church
Jonathan Cox
Amazing conversation with Melanie about the work she is doing in Bristol to develop new leadership in her congregation.
Sylvie Pope (CUK)
What if *every* church leader were trained in Community Organising?
Elis Matthews (St Mary's Spring Grove, West London Citizens)
Spoke to Roz about growth of her ministry through listening. Not having a building or a historic structure brings some freedom to implementing the principles of community organising.
Elis Matthews (St Mary's Spring Grove, West London Citizens)
going to have to bow out for school parents evening. thanks for starting this network - I can see it has great potential - bless you all
Fr. Luke Larner, Bedford
Another very stimulating conversation - particularly about how training an engaging in community organising is an opportunity for Church leaders to experience some life and vitality!
Fr. Luke Larner, Bedford
Or “to get out of the dock” onto the open water as my conversation partner put it
Fr Dan Barnes-Davies
Amen amen!
Fr Dan Barnes-Davies
Love the image of the dock, I shall use it a lot, since the docks are a massive part of our town :)
andy griffiths (Chelmsford)
"a ship that's in the harbour is calm and safe from harm, but it was not made to stay there, it was built for waves and storm"
Fr. Luke Larner, Bedford
Cuddesdon - also known as ‘Holy Hogwarts’
Fr Dan Barnes-Davies
Chiefly due to remoteness? ;)
Sylvie Pope (CUK)
1) Do you think the Community of Practice is a good idea?2) Do you think the Cuddesdon retreat is a good idea?3) What are the key tensions or opportunities in your community you would like to explore through the Community of Practice?
Pauline Harrison
Sorry I have to go. Very inspiring!
David Stephenson - Bristol
Exploring connections between spirituality, scripture and community organising - being resourced and renewed for the ‘long haul’.
Bridget de Mello
I am so glad to hear people from churches saying Jesus was the first community organiser. I hope we can help each other to develop this idea.
Rob Matthews
who are our neighbours, how well do we know their needs, how do we build bridges and make a difference to their lives. how do we achieve relevance
Roz Burch (Leics)
QU 3 - the tensions for me might be different for others as I'm not leading a traditional congregation but it seems that being on the edge means I can envisage "church" in a way that challenges other views of church but which might be liberating if we can convey the benefits, especially using CO principles with people who are non-book or inarticulate in the usual ways but who use the Arts for expression
Yes! Agree with Bridget de Mello, that came up in our group too.
David Stephenson - Bristol
@Angie - “enriching church community from the outside in” is one of the best descriptions of the value of Community Organising for Christian Communities I’ve heard - you’re a natural!
Sylvie Pope (CUK)
Next week's Learning Thursdays as mentioned by Alison - is on taking action against poverty pay in living wage week. Will be a workshop on using bible scriptures to help with this work - Register here - https://actionnetwork.org/events/take-action-against-poverty-pay-in-living-wage-week
Sylvie Pope (CUK)
Schools based counselling series - https://actionnetwork.org/events/how-to-win-a-schools-colleges-based-counselling-campaign-in-your-area-help-us-achieve-better-mental-health-support-for-children-and-young-people
Sylvie Pope (CUK)
IAF session - https://actionnetwork.org/events/developing-leaders-community-organising-lessons-from-the-uk-and-us
Fr. Luke Larner, Bedford
+Nice pace, lots of breakout discussion
Melanie Otto (Bristol)
Thank you!